Money Matters!


“Wait till I get my money right..”

Artist Kanye West has a line in one of his songs, “Wait till I get my money right, then you can’t tell me nothing, right…”  In other words, my finances aren’t together yet.

That line always sticks with me as we all have dreams and aspirations of being debt free and wiser with our finances.  But today, we need to ask ourselves, what are WE doing to get “our money right?”  Saving?  Investing? Splurging? Existing?

Many can attest that learning about finances at an early age might not have been in the curriculum in elementary school.  Therefore, most of us used a “trial and error” method with our finances, often beginning with that first part-time job at 16, or with those tempting credit cards in college.  I’m sure your first paycheck was spent on whatever your heart desired.  Whatever the case is, you may have created your own version of money management.

Let me get your attention:  here are a few startling statistics about money:

51 Percent of Americans are putting off major financial decisions.

25 Percent of Americans making at least $100,000 per year are living paycheck to paycheck. 

52 percent of Americans would not be able to cover an emergency of $400.

Managing your finances is a challenge.  Often times, we avoid having those conversations with ourselves about what we can do to make things better.  First and foremost, please know that I am not a CPA or financial advisor.  In addition, please know that I am a work in progress; I advocate for money management as I educate myself in the process.  Therefore, becoming educated on finances is the key.

I would like to share some interesting online resources with you about money:  looking at one resource may help you to obtain some valuable insight on what you can do to make things better for your family.

Educate your kids about finances at an early age, they will definitely thank you in the long run.  Continue to find resources that allow you to make better choices in your life.  We are all a work in progress….let’s “get our money right”!!