Discovering Your Purpose in Life


Mark Twain once said that the two important days in one’s life is the day you are born and the day you find out why.  Have you discovered your purpose in life?  Do you know why you are here and what you should be doing?  Unexpected life experiences usually lead one to truly discover purpose.  Discovering purpose is definitely life-changing.

I can recall years ago playing school with my best friend in our neighborhood.  We always wanted chalkboards for Christmas.  Often times, we made friends with our elementary school teachers just so we can take their excess copies at the end of the school year.  The wonderful memories exude my mind as I recall us lining up our dolls, and handing our our tests.  From this experience, I always assumed my friend and I would pursue careers in education. We were the best 10 year old teachers you would ever meet! Well, I was 50 percent correct.  I followed the trend and became an educator, while my friend pursued her field of Environmental Engineering.  One thing we did discover from our childhood experiences:  we valued our education and admired teachers.

Although I have 16 successful years in education, I still ponder my other interests that many people do not even know of.  On surface, I am an educator.  However, my interests often involve becoming a boutique owner, event planning, interior decor, gourmet baking, fashion, and of course blogging.  Sometimes I ponder the idea of continuing in the field of  education or using my skills and interests to pursue other goals in life?  Most people assume that you should always have the “ONE”.  The “ONE” refers to the single thing that you are doing in life.  That’s where we usually go wrong; finding purpose often involves a combination of interests that impacts others and gives us pleasure.  Be encouraged to embrace your multitude of interests.

So what can we do to satisfy the urge to determine our purpose in life?  Of course, I am not a life coach nor a psychologist, but I do have some everyday advice for you:

-Discover your passion, embrace it, and try to become a novice at it.

-Ask God to show you how you can help others through things that enjoy you.

-Think outside of the box, and embrace new experiences and new people.

-Be inspired by doing something different!

Finding your purpose in life may happen in the most unexpected way.  Once you find your purpose, however, your life will be forever changed.  You will impact others and the deep root of self-satisfaction will remain prevalent in your life.  Think about what you truly enjoy doing, and ask yourself, “Would I do this even if I wouldn’t get paid?”  You get one life to live. Live on purpose!!