What will be your legacy?

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Welcome to 2017!  As I was perusing Pinterest, this quote caught my attention:  “Live the Way You Want to Be Remembered.”  The daily hustle and bustle in life often leaves us tired, overworked, and sometimes stressed.  We seldom get to ponder the idea of philanthropy and creating a legacy. Is it important to create a legacy?   Most believe that only famous and wealthy individuals can leave a legacy.  I beg to differ.

What is a legacy? A legacy, simply put, can be a tradition or something memorable that can be handed down from one generation to the next.  Have you ever considered what your legacy might be? How will others remember you once you depart?  As I reflect about my own family, the first person who came to mind was my Aunt Lucille.  My aunt was a beautiful lady in every sense. Her smile and warm spirit radiated the room each holiday season.  As a child, the real treat was to go and visit my Aunt Lucille; she was the best gift ever.  When I reflect on her life, I can definitely say that she left a huge legacy.  My Aunt Lucille was a great hostess and cook. When you entered her home, everything was so welcoming.  The spread of homemade dishes and a few surprise desserts that she shared at the end of the day was amazing.  She was satisfied as long as everyone else was satisfied.  She enjoyed seeing people enjoy her delicious food that she took hours to prepare by herself.  Everyone knew her in the community for her welcoming spirit and her delectable meals.  Her home was open to the community, not just our immediate family.  Her legacy remains today, and many of my cousins have adopted her tradition of being just as hospitable and loving to everyone who enters their home.  My mom has even told me I have her entertaining flair.

Now that you have a picture of what a legacy looks like, I charge you to start living a more vibrant, connected life.  Think about the things that you do well and invest those aspects in the lives of others. You may be the sister who always has the family activities or vacations planned. Furthermore, your legacy may be in how you help others to solve their problems with meaningful talks. It’s time to create your legacy!  It’s easier than you think it is!  Take time with individuals who may need a helping hand.  Utilize your talents and gifts to bring others to the light.  Once you have done those things, you will innately be creating a legacy for others.  If you live how you would like to be remembered, you will start living life to the fullest!



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