Sparkle and Shine!

blingy shoes

I love the quote from designer Kate Spade, “Don’t let anyone ever dull your sparkle.” Newsflash!  We all have talents!  This quote promotes individualism and a sense of uniqueness to me.  Do you truly let your light shine through your talents and capabilities?  How important is it to leave a legacy to the world about your accomplishments?

Everyone has unique qualities and talents; many individuals go through life and you never know what they are capable of doing.  We come from a long line of excellent cooks in my family.  Personally, I am still a work in progress. (I DO COOK!) Some family members are better cooks than others, but the goal is always to learn from one another.  Others may have talents such as singing, being a good friend, planning events, and speaking fearlessly in public. In this day and age, being able to simply be a great listener and fair minded individual is a God given talent!

Some people feel that those who showcase their talents are bragging and boasting.  Once again, we have to learn to celebrate ourselves, as well as others.  If you have a talent, let it show!  You may be inspiring someone else to follow their dreams.  Furthermore, if you know of a talented person, commend them and encourage them to develop it to their fullest ability!  I would like to end with another Kate Spade quote:  “She who leaves a trail of glitter will never be forgotten.”  Decide today what legacy you want to leave for others to remember you by.


4 thoughts on “Sparkle and Shine!

  1. These words are definitely true! We all have gifts and talents to share with the world. It is up to us if we just want to simply live a life or leave a legacy. I know I would like to leave a legacy and make my mark on this earth while I am here! Love this post!


  2. Keep the post coming. I’m loving the message behind your blogs, very inspiring and enlightening! Sorry I’m just getting a chance to check it out…I’ve been ‘moving in silence’ LOL.


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