Moving in Silence

silenceHow many times have you said to yourself, “I should have kept my idea to myself?” Most likely, when you did not receive the response you expected from a loved one or close friend, you may have had this thought. Time after time, we realize that everyone will not celebrate us.  Sometimes those closest to us may not be able to accept our most acclaimed success. Have you ever been accused of “dreaming too big”, or “thinking frivolously?”  A few questions came to my mind as I thought about my first blog post:

-What does it mean to “move in silence”?

-How can we succeed in a world that is so driven by individualism, where we thrive for validation from others?

Moving in silence is sometimes difficult, especially if you are an individual who has sought guidance for situations in the past.  When one decides to move in silence, he basically becomes his own trust mechanism.  The decisions you make are solely your own, not open for judgment by anyone else.  Sometimes we have to learn to rely on our own intuition in life and do things that satisfy us.  Those things may involve high risks and opportunities for failure, but always allow growth.

Validation from self is key.  I am working on a few projects “silently” this year.  You may see some end results from my social media posts, but I have decided that this time around, some decisions will be made by me, and me alone.  How do you define “moving in silence?”


One thought on “Moving in Silence

  1. I had to learn the hard way about “everyone not celebrating you!” When I decided to start my blog, people looked at me strange. Simply because, they had never heard of anyone blogging. They related blogging to celebrities. I’m glad I didn’t let that hindered me from starting it. I’m my own person and do things because I want to experience different things in life. I don’t put limitations on my life. If I can think it, I can achieve it! Good Luck to you on your Blog!


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